film & video

It's 53 times more likely for pages with video to rank on Page One of Google

Business Storytelling

 I acted primarily as editor on this piece of storytelling, along with a few of the visuals, which were otherwise provided by director Manny Marquez of Remuda Pictures. This piece is a strong example of how video can communicate the core values of an organization in a captivating way.

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Traditional Commercials

In a changing world of streaming content over traditional broadcast television, the place for the “30 second spot” still exists. In fact, the opportunities are even more abundant with affordable outlets that target your specific audience.

LarvickMedia acted as Director, Cinematographer, Producer and Editor on this piece for the fast growing, nationally known Maryhill Winery. What a beautiful place!

documentary & short films


LarvickMedia co-directed this short documentary piece that brought us to the San Diego GI Film Festival in 2019. It’s a strong example of how engaging human stories can be, and how video communicates like no other medium. Feature length documentary dreams are being pursued!

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Professional Bios

Whether you are a real estate broker, an attorney, a pastor, or a physical therapist, your potential clientele are looking to get to know you before even choosing you. You can help them with a simple bio video that lets them see you and get to know a bit about you. 

wedding films

 In a place like Hood River, Oregon, it’s difficult to say no to filming weddings! The venues are spectacular & the couples are gorgeous. With more than 50 weddings’ worth of experience, you’re in good hands.

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corporate & studio

While traditional studio shoots are not NECESSARY in the same way they may have been in the 1950s – 1990s, there’s still a place for the controlled aspects of a purposeful place. If your video needs require a more corporate & studio oriented approach, there’s good news. Your search is over. 

Nature’s Beauty

Oregon life presents many opportunities to capture nature’s beauty. The inspiration that comes from this alone is enough to compel one to shoot! But it also offers a ‘sense of place’ for many Pacific Northwest based companies and entities.